Alpha Ink Jet

Digital Textile Inks “Like No Other”

If you have been looking for products to help differentiate your digital textile company from the competition, look no further.  Alpha Ink Jet produces inks for the digital textile market, like no other.  We are looking for companies to partner with that want to be, like no other. If you consider yourself a, “best in class” provider to the digital textile industry, then Alpha Ink Jet’s Chroma Inks are for you.

What we do:

At Alpha Ink Jet, we work with some of the largest manufacturers, integrators, and customers, to provide the most superior inkjet ink in the industry today.  We specialize in water-based ink solutions for the wide format and digital textile industry.  Alpha Ink Jet has the expertise and innovation to provide the most superior ink for any water based print technology.  Alpha Ink Jet researches and discovers the latest technologies, wherever they may be, to give our ink, and formulators, no limitations on creation.


cropped-Alpha-Square.png Industrial Digital Printing cropped-Alpha-Square.png Home Furnishings
cropped-Alpha-Square.png Fashion cropped-Alpha-Square.png Proofing
cropped-Alpha-Square.png Outdoor Furnishings cropped-Alpha-Square.png Graphics
cropped-Alpha-Square.png Desktop cropped-Alpha-Square.png Packaging
cropped-Alpha-Square.png Direct to Textile cropped-Alpha-Square.png Trade Show, Awnings, Flags, and Banners

The wide format printing industry continues to evolve and grow. When you partner up with Alpha Ink Jet, you are partnering with a company that is dedicated to, and based, on innovation. We will continue to innovate and grow with the ever expanding market to provide you and your company the latest technologies to separate you from your competition.

Alpha Ink Jet is proud to manufacture in the US and we believe that manufacturing in the US will give us a global strategic advantage, and give us a competitive advantage over those products that are not manufactured in the US.